Scott Joslove: President & CEO | Texas Hotel & Lodging Association

“The Texas Lobby Group has been the most effective lobby team we could have secured to represent our industry and the diverse issues we address at the Legislature and within state regulatory agencies. Their reputation, influence, and credibility at the Legislature are unparalleled. The average passage rate at the Capitol is 25 % of the bills that are offered. Through the representation of the Texas Lobby Group, our association has achieved a 100% passage rate of the bills that we have offered at the Texas Legislature over the last 16 years. Equally important, they have also enabled us to defeat 100% of the legislative proposals that were opposed by the industry. Finally, I would also note that the ethics and the Texas Lobby Group’s ability to work with their clients has made it a great pleasure to retain their services. You simply can not do better.”

Holly Reed: Managing Director, External Affairs TEXAS CENTRAL PARTNERS, LLC

“Mike Toomey and the Texas Lobby Group were brought on to the lead the High Speed Rail team during the 85th Legislative Session. Mike and his team prepared for every potential threat and showed strategic insight working with people on all sides of the issue. Mike and the Texas Lobby Group’s commitment to success was obvious and Texas Central is grateful for their hard work that will preserve the future for this transformational transportation option in Texas.”

Christine O’Conner: Senior Counsel, Regulatory & Governmental Affairs, Ascend Learning

“Carrie Simmons and Texas Lobby Group has delivered NHA its most significant advocacy win. Last week, we signed a contract with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy and we have the great lobbying efforts of Carrie to thank for that. We would recommend her service to any non-competitor.”

Holly Jacques Turner Director: State Government Affairs & Policy, Merck

“Mike Toomey and Lara Keel of the Texas Lobby Group have represented Merck for over two decades and through many trials and tribulations, their expertise has guided us to the top. At the agency or the Capitol, they have the relationships to get us any door and ensure our best interest is protected. They are relentless, determined and strategic when it comes to leading the advocacy for our company and our industry.”

Mary Tipps: Executive Director, Texans for Lawsuit Reform

“Mike Toomey and Texas Lobby Group have been strong partners for TLR for 24 years. No one in Austin has a better understanding of the Legislature, and Texas Lobby Group’s broad and well-respected experience has been an important asset in our legislative efforts.”