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Texas Lobbyist News: 2012 Legislative Hearings

The following is public information and is being posted by the Texas Lobby Group as a public service for Texas lobbyists, Texas government consultants, Texas politics, and any interested parties.

March 22, 2012 – 09:00 AM
Capitol Extension Bldg., Room E1.030, Austin

The House Committee on Transportation will hold a joint hearing with the House Committee on Environmental Regulation on March 22, 2012 in room E1.030. The Committee will consider the following charge: Study the environmental review process for transportation projects and monitor the implementation of reforms newly passed by the 82nd Legislature. Continue to work with all stakeholders to develop any necessary changes. The Committee will hear invited testimony only.

Additional Information Contact: Rep. Larry Phillips, 512/463-0297.

Joint Oversight Committee of Bexar Metropolitan Water District
March 26, 2012 – 09:00 AM
San Antonio Main Library Auditorium, 600 Soledad Street, San Antonio

The Bexar Metropolitan Water District Legislative Oversight Committee will meet in a public hearing at 9 a.m. on Monday, March 26, 2012. Invited and public testimony will be taken. The hearing will take place at the San Antonio Main Library Auditorium, 600 Soledad Street, San Antonio, Texas 78205.

Additional Information Contact: Sen. Carlos Uresti, 512/463-0119

House Committee on Human Services
March 27, 2012 – 09:00 AM
Capitol Extension Bldg., Room E2.030, Austin

The committee will hear invited and public testimony on the following interim charge: Explore strategies, including those in other states, to support the needs of aging Texans, including best practices in nursing home diversion, expedited access to community services, and programs to assist seniors and their families in navigating the long-term care system, with the goal of helping seniors remain in the community. Assess the feasibility of leveraging volunteer -supported initiatives using existing infrastructure to enhance the ability of seniors to remain active and involved.

Additional Information Contact: Rep. Richard Pena, 512/463-0426

House Committee on Technology
March 30, 2012 – 09:00 AM
State Capitol, E2.010

Technology Committee will meet to hear invited testimony on the following interim charges: Interim Charge #1: Examine ways to create incentives for technology companies to come to Texas, including the feasibility of public-private partnerships. Interim Charge #5: Monitor the agencies and programs under the committee’s jurisdiction and the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 82nd Legislature.

Additional Information Contact: Rep. Aaron Pena, 512/463-0426