Texas Lobbyist News

As filing deadline has come and gone, this Legislative Session breaks previous records for the number of bills filed!

Total Number of Bills Filed this Session= 6,517

(The House filed 4,273 bills; The Senate filed 2,244 bills)

Comparatively, the 84th Session saw 6,276 bills filed and in the previous Session before that (the 83rd) 5,868 were filed.

According to LegiScan, the following are the most viewed bills to date:

SB6 – Relating to regulations and policies for entering or using a bathroom or changing facility; authorizing a civil penalty.

SB4 – Relating to the enforcement by certain state and local governmental entities and campus police departments of state and federal laws governing immigration and to related duties of certain law enforcement and judicial entities in the criminal justice…

HB453 – Relating to equal parenting orders in suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB375 – Relating to providing for the carrying of handguns without a license and to related offenses and penalties.

SB25 – Relating to eliminating the wrongful birth cause of action.

SB238 – Relating to daylight saving time.

SB2 – Relating to ad valorem taxation.

SB3 – Relating to the establishment of an education savings account program and a tax credit scholarship and educational expense assistance program.

SB269 – Relating to authorizing the possession, use, cultivation, distribution, transportation, and delivery of medical cannabis for medical use by qualifying patients with certain debilitating medical conditions and the licensing of dispensing organizations…

SB288 – Relating to the operation and movement of motorcycles on certain highways during periods of traffic congestion.

As of today, 67 days remain in the current Session of the Texas Legislature….. more to come!

All bills, hearings and live audio can be found here: www.capitol.state.tx.us