Texas Political News

Senate Education (PUBLIC HEARING)
MONDAY – 12/7/15
10:00 a.m., E1.028 (Hearing Room)

The Senate Committee on Education will meet to take up the following Interim Charges:

·Study the approval, expansion, and revocation of public charter schools
in Texas, including the implementation of SB 2 (83R) and other
legislation. In particular, examine the issues surrounding the disposition
of state property when charters are revoked, non-renewed, or cease to
operate. Make recommendations regarding policies to ensure an efficient
and effective transfer and disposal of state property that preserves
state interest while ensuring that certain investment capital and the
bond market supporting charter construction remains robust. In addition,
make recommendations if needed to clarify policies regarding expansion of
existing high-quality charter schools in Texas. Additionally, examine
facility funding for charter schools in other states and make
recommendations on facility funding assistance for charter schools in

·Study the recent rise of inappropriate teacher-student relationships,
the impact of social media interaction between teachers and students,
and examine the current efforts by the Texas Education Agency, schools,
law enforcement, and the courts to investigate and prosecute any educator
engaged in inappropriate relationships. Determine what recommendations,
if any, are needed to improve student safety, including increasing agency
staff, adjusting penalties, and strengthening efforts to sanction
educators’ certificates for misconduct. Study and address the issue of
prevention through training and education of school employees.

Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes.