83rd Legislative Session

Texas 83rd Legislative Session Update: Report for Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

The House recessed until 10:00 a.m., Monday, June 17, 2013.

The Senate adjourned until 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Finance and Criminal Justice have posted hearings for Wednesday and Health has posted for Thursday.

Governor Opens the Call…

  • 6/11 – The Governor has added legislation relating to the regulation of abortion procedures, providers, and facilities, and legislation relation to establishing a mandatory sentence of life with parole for a capital felony committed by a 17-year-old offender.
    Governor’s message to the legislature
  • 6/10 – The Governor has added legislation relating to the funding of transportation infrastructure projects.
    Governor’s message to the legislature.
  • 5/27 – The Governor calls a special session to consider legislation which ratifies and adopts the interim redistricting plans ordered by the federal district court as the permanent plans for the Texas House, Texas Senate and US House.
    Governor’s press release.
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  • Redistricting Maps for the First Called Session
    To select a plan click on Plans>Shaded> and select the plan referenced in the bill under consideration.
  • To access Daily Reports, Calendars, Tracking Reports,… for the regular session use the normal navigation drop downs and select the 83R session.
  • SB 1 – Conference Committee Report
  • HR 2700 – Outside the bounds resolution for SB 1 – Part 1
  • HR 2700 – Outside the bounds resolution for SB 1 – Part 2 

    Time for Video Highlights of the Session!
  • (5/22) – Aggie Baseball Update
  • (5/17) – The Armando Walle room at the new university in South Texas
  • (5/17) – Going once, going twice, in the Senate
  • (5/10) – Wu’s on first?
  • (5/7) – Observations of Chairman Geren
  • (5/6) – A new calculator for Rep. Turner
  • (5/6) – Nice tablecloth!

    In the News…
  • 6/11 – Gov. Perry Adds Two Issues to Special Session Call. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Sen. Nelson twitter: Two more items added to the special session call – abortion regulation and capital punishment for minors.
  • 6/11 – Office of the Governor Proclamation Adding to the Call. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Texas Alliance for Life: Gov. Perry adds pro-life issues to special session call. See Policy.
  • 6/11 – Sen. Van de Putte twitter: Letters from Leticia. Read Here.
  • 6/11 – Sen. Watson twitter: “They don’t want to say how they feel.” Read Here.
  • 6/11 – Rep. Chris Turner twitter: Regarding the Redistricting Op-Ed by Perry and Dewhurst. Read Here.
  • 6/11 – Rep. Donna Howard twitter: Representatives Ask Perry to Add Tuition Revenue Bonds. Read Here.
  • 6/11 – Senate Finance posting for Wednesday, June 12. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Paredes regarding the signing of HB 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – TAMSA: HB 5 Becomes Law and Improves Texas Public Education. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Raise Your Hand Texas Applauds Governor, Legislature on signing of HB 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Senator Van de Putte Applauds Signing of House Bill 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Jobs for Texas: News Media Statement on Gov Perry Signing HB 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Statement by Austin Chamber of Commerce VP Edu on Signing of HB 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – KXAN: Trial date set in DA’s removal effort. See Video.
  • 6/11 – Staples commends members for filing a bill addressing Mexico’s water obligations. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Tx Assoc of Builders applauds Governor for signing HB 5. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Tx Assoc of Manufacturers applaud Gov. Perry for signing HB 5 and SB 441. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – Senator Cornyn Visits the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. See Press Releases.
  • 6/11 – TPJ: Texas Top Lobbyists and Top Political Contributors. See Policy.
  • 6/11 – TCEC: Natural Gas and Renewable Energy -Friends or Foes? See Policy.