Texas 84th Legislative Session

House Economic and Small Business Development (PUBLIC HEARING) New – 2:58pm
THURSDAY – 01/07/16
12:00 p.m., E2.010

The Committee will meet to hear invited testimony regarding the following
Interim Charges:

#4 Oversee implementation of HB 26 (84R). Review best practices for
measuring success of economic development incentives. Consider general
metrics or principles to aid the Legislature in determining viable and
sustainable incentive programs that provide a “Return on Investment” for

#6 Examine if the state has an adequately diversified economic
foundation and make recommendations on how to better achieve
diversification. Look at ways to achieve balance between rural and urban
economic development. Consider methods to improve workforce development
initiatives and incentives that will improve re-employment after layoffs
and release from incarceration as well as methods to improve employment
rates for recent graduates.Invited testimony only.