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The Best Lobbyists in Texas

The following article is digested from Mike Hailey’s 2011 Texas Power Rankings article at Capitol Inside. A subscription is required to read. Click here to subscribe.

The Texas Lobby Group is reprinting a summary of the article for the benefit of Texas Lobbyists, Lobbying Firms, State Government Consultants, and other interested parties.

The Most Powerful Lobbyists in Texas.

According to Capitol Inside editor Mike Hailey, when new Republican legislators arrive in Austin for their first session, one of their first lessons is how to get in touch with Mike Toomey and Lara Keel. The well-known Texas Lobby Group is arguable the most powerful conservative lobbying organization in the state.

The Texas Lobby Group lobbyists are helpful to the freshman legislators as they find their legs, helping them with protocol and other aspects of legislative life. Friendship with Mr. Toomey and Ms. Keel is invaluable as they try to find their way in the incredibly complex world of Texas politics.

Mike Toomey is himself a former House member who was also chief of staff for two Governors, William Clements and Rick Perry. He has been behind the Republican party’s rise in power in Texas over the last several decades.

Now Toomey and Keel have taken their place as important information sources for Republican legislators.

Rising lobbyist Stars.

New rising stars also are apparent on the horizon, none more so that Lara Keel, who has been elevated to partnership status at the Texas Lobby Group along with Bill Messer and Michael Toomey.  Keel is becoming a powerful figure of influence with the growing numbers of conservative women legislators in our state. With Keel and Toomey and Messer, the powerful lobbying firm might now be said to be have the three best lobbyists in Texas working together.

Top Hired Gun Lobbyists in Texas

At the top of the list of the most powerful lobbyists in Texas is a number of perennial names. Mike Toomey, Bill Messer, Rusty Kelley, and Buddy Jones. These four have had the top spots for a number of years, with Toomey and Jones vying for top honors ever year.

Top Texas Lobbying Teams

The Texas Capitol Group, which includes Mike Toomey, Bill Messer, and Lara Keel shares top honors along with HillCo, as it has for the last few years. HillCo works both sides of the aisle, but the Texas Capitol Group remains true to its conservative ideals and maintains links with Republican legislators and causes. The Texas Capitol Group is a collection of like-minded entities that work together for causes to their mutual benefit.